TalentPlus experience works

TalentPlus experience works

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foto-flyerAre you a vocational education graduate (MBO+) or higher, and experienced talent seeking a new work environment? Come and join TalentPlus, a national, independent organization that goes the extra mile to assist you with your challenges.

TalentPlus goal is to help each other in finding employment. Participants in TalentPlus Twente meet weekly in Hengelo, with the principle of "for members, by members." We maximize the use of each other's knowledge, experience, and the network we bring together. together. We can ask other participants for help and offer each other support to regain control.

TalentPlus Twente achieves success with its proactive approach and the understanding that "experience works." Register through the website www.talentplus.nl and come and participate in our Dutch spoken meeting, without any obligation. We are looking forward to hearing your experience and ideas.

TalentPlus members are individuals with a strong drive. They actively and systematically search for jobs and assignments. In doing so, they appeal to their own talents and those of fellow participants.

TalentPlus enables employers to find well-educated, experienced, and motivated professionals who are independent, resourceful, flexible, and loyal.

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